[GUIDE] Suggestions


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Dear Secondary Gunz Community,

Before posting a suggestion, be sure to refer to this thread for information regarding your suggestion.
Keep in mind that this is only a guideline-related thread - you do NOT need to use it, but it helps us when it comes to your suggestions.

Suggestion Thread - Guidelines

- Name your title the main topic of your suggestion (example: if your suggestion is for donator rebalancing, name your title "Rebalance Donators")
- Try to provide examples, if you want any new things implemented, help us see what you are seeing
- Be realistic, don't suggest things that are practically impossible
- Respect peoples' opinions, not everyone will like what you are suggested
- Tell us why it will be useful, don't just make a suggestion because you want it, tell us how it will benefit us
- Keep your suggestion thread clean, possibly follow a format, such as the one below
- Respect everyone else's suggestions, if you don't like a suggestion, state why or don't comment at all
- Refrain from posting anything unrelated to the suggestion, such as spam, other links, or comments that are hate-related
- Keep in mind that the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. apply in this section

Suggestion Thread - Format Example

--> You do NOT have to follow this format, but it will help us when you post a suggestion thread to further understand your suggestion.

Suggestion: state your suggestion in brief words
Description: describe your suggestion in length or details so we can further understand it
Examples: post examples of your suggestion (sketches, images, links, etc)