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    [Event] Suggestions

    Hello Secondary Gunz Community, I have received a few suggestions in game about hosting specific events and decided to create this topic. This Thread is strictly for event suggestions. You will be able to share your ideas/thoughts on new events for the Server. Those which are found to be...
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    [GUIDE] Suggestions

    Dear Secondary Gunz Community, Before posting a suggestion, be sure to refer to this thread for information regarding your suggestion. Keep in mind that this is only a guideline-related thread - you do NOT need to use it, but it helps us when it comes to your suggestions. Suggestion Thread -...
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    Terms of Use

    Secondary Gamers Gunz - Terms of use In order to establish rules to facilitate the conduct of staff members, as well as to define what are the rights and duties of those who are part of the staff, we stipulate here the terms of use to be followed and kept under review as objects of study and...